Our History

Nabo Capital is part of a transformational growth journey that spans half a century.

Centum Investments was incorporated as a government subsidiary – ICDC – in 1967, the same year it listed in the then Nairobi Stock Exchange. In 1998, the management of ICDC was handed over to an independent team, which oversaw the rebranding to Centum Investment a decade later.

In 2009, the company embraced a revolutionary five-year strategy for each of its three divisions – Private Equity, Quoted Private Equity and Real Estate & Infrastructure. In 2012, these divisions matured into three management companies namely Centum Capital Partners, Centum Asset Managers and Athena Properties.

Centum Asset Managers has grown from being a department within the larger Centum Group to become a fully fledged Institution. This has slowly opened the door to third party funds who can now harness the expertise attained in African markets over the last 47 years.

In 2014, one year after obtaining the green light to operate as a fund manager, Centum Asset Managers rebranded to Nabo Capital.


Prospective investors can draw sufficient confidence from the fact that Nabo Capital has consistently outperformed the market in each of the last 5 years. The following schedule shows the outperformance each year from 2008/2009 to 2012/13 relative to the NSE 20-Share Index, against which the company gauges its performance:

Financial Year NSE 20-Share Return Centum’s QPE Return Outperformance
2008/2009 43% 56% 13%
2009/2010 -4% 10% 14%
2010/2011 -13% 0% 13%
2012/2013 44% 53% 9%

Over the period, the company delivered a return of 240.70% for financial services clients and 75.3% for insurance clients. Clearly, there’s no reason to doubt Nabo’s ability to deliver market-beating returns for its clients.

Why Choose Nabo Capital

We commit to a culture of trust, honesty and reliability, to be outstanding in our service to our customers and accountable to our regulators. We do what is right and not just what is allowed.